Sanchoku-Studio which you can learn to use in 2 minutes!

You'll get these advantages when you register as a manufacturer…

  • Ability to manage all product information
    on one common Database
    It is easy to create a product proposal and a product list as well as manage product information and images in association.
  • One-stop
    content creation.
    Ability to request professional photography and videography of products, catalogs, and commercials, all at once.
  • Develop sales activities
    You can disclose the product information to nationwide buyers just by registering the product, and your sales activities will become more efficient!
  • Open
    Dedicated Web page.
    You can deliver the commitment to products and latest news on the web page dedicated to each manufacturer!

What is the Sanchoku-Studio?

About the studio
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About the studio
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About the database
Introduce in video

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Special program
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We will provide you with valuable information such as arrival products from Sanchoku-Studio with videos!

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