What is the Sanchoku-Studio?

The Sanchoku-Studio is a service which connects sellers
and buyers via a database.
It allows them to produce various contents in a dedicated studio.

01Using the Studio Studio
The Studio helps you produce multimedia contents at budget prices. Contents produced in the Studio can be used for any types of media, including product images, videos and narrations.
The Studio is a comprehensive multimedia studio which consists of a white backdrop studio, a green backdrop studio, a kitchen studio and an editing room. At the Studio, you can create various types of original materials, spanning from package shooting, sizzle videos, image photos to cooking videos, from small to large sizes.
* The above services are included only in the Standard Plan.
02Matching System
Manufacturers can register product data on the Matching System. They can use the System as a management, proposal and sales tool for your products. It helps manufacturers expand their sales opportunities.
Buyers can use the System to search for product information in line with their sales plans and summarize such plans. The System also helps them increase efficiency in sales negotiations and trades.
Contents produced in the dedicated studio can be accumulated in the System. Members can freely access them at all times.
03Facilitating sales negotiations and promotion
System Use
Our System has integrated a database and a studio. It enables the matching of manufacturers and buyers. Moreover, the System also allows both parties to perform sales activities more quickly and more seamlessly. The System also enables one-stop services, through which product information and content materials can be used. In addition, the following promotional tools can also be created through the System: product catalogs, advertisements, posters, leaflets and promotional videos.
* Part of the above services are available only in the Standard Plan.

An overview of the Sanchoku-Studio

Member benefits of Sanchoku-Studio

  • 01

    Members can create and manage various contents in a one-stop manner by using the dedicated studio!

  • 02

    Members can use the studio as a management tool for everyday operations such as managing product information and creating proposal documents!

  • 03

    Buyers can easily obtain products directly available from producers across Japan as well as product information!

  • 04

    Sellers can promote products and perform sales activities real-time!

  • 05

    A dedicated supplier can carry out procurement and sales negotiations on behalf of a member!

Standard member services

  • 専用管理画面
    Dedicated management page
    The comprehensive management of all information related to the trading of products, such as registering and searching product information as well as creating proposal documents.
  • 商品写真イメージ
    Product photo
    Monthly membership subscription is available for producing various materials, including image photos, sizzle photos and catalog photos.
  • 調理動画イメージ
    Cooking videos
    A wide range of videos for improving product image can also be created, such as promotional videos.

What can be produced in the dedicated studio?

  • ・Take / process photographs
  • ・Shoot / edit videos
  • ・Multilingualization
  • ・EC site
  • ・Web site
  • ・E-learning / Deliver video contents
  • ・YouTube videos
  • ・Landing page
  • ・App
  • ・VR videos
  • ・3DCG
  • ・Digital signage
  • ・Music production
  • ・Electronic catalog
  • ・Catalogs / Leaflets / Posters
  • Many other uses are possible.
専用スタジオで制作できるものイメージ1 専用スタジオで制作できるものイメージ2 専用スタジオで制作できるものイメージ3 専用スタジオで制作できるものイメージ4

What can I do with Digitudio?

  • ・We provide support for connecting sellers and buyers. (e.g. entering product information on the system on behalf of a member, consulting services)
  • ・Production management in the dedicated studio
  • ・Holding briefings and seminars
  • ・Holding member events
  • Others


Digitudio Model Department

Digitudio has a dedicated model department. Models in the department can help you promote your products.