Introduction of Functions

Functions for Manufacturers

Product Registration / Update

Product List

It allows the integrated management of information on all registered products of your company on a database.
It is also possible, based on certain conditions, to narrow down products from a list of all products and display them in a new list.

Clicking on the “Product Name” of a given product will lead the user to a page that shows the detailed information of the product. On that page, the user can perform the following tasks: downloading product proposal documents, editing multimedia files (uploading, reordering and/or deletion), requesting the creation of videos and images and deleting and amending information.

New Registration

Complete all mandatory fields and click on the “Confirm” button. This will lead you to the subsequent screen, on which you can check information you have entered. Thereafter, simply clicking on the “Register” button will complete the registration process. Registered information will be displayed in a Product Proposal Document exactly as it was entered. Buyers who are looking for products will also be able to view the information.
* Please register at least one Person Responsible for Affiliation.
* Should you have any questions regarding how to enter information,
please contact

Product Search

From the side navigation menu, open Registered User Information. You will then be able to search all products of the company for a specific one by detailed condition.
In contrast to “Product List”, this allows the user to see product search results from a buyer’s perspective.

Registered User Information

Should you wish to make changes to information that you provided at the time of user registration, you can do so in the “Basic Information” section.
In addition to, “Password”, “Information of the Person Responsible for Affiliation” and “Relevant Location Information” can be added and amended. All the above information can be linked with detailed product information.

Homepage Management

New articles to be posted to the TOPICS field of the brand site can be added. Articles can also be amended.

Functions for Buyers

Product Search

From among products registered by manufacturers, those that match the search criteria will be shown in a list.
Search results can be displayed either in thumbnails or list.
By clicking on a product name, a page on which the detailed information of the product will be displayed. On this page, you can: view further detailed information; download a product proposal document; and register information for a proposal list.

Proposal List

From among search results, you can register your chosen products in a Proposal List. A Proposal List shows only your chosen products.
Product proposal documents for all products that have been registered in a Proposal List can be downloaded in batch. A page showing a list can also be printed out in a list format.
* Dedicated Sanchoku-Studio suppliers are available as proxy for tasks such as integrating complex products and holding business negotiations.

Registered User Information

If there have been any changes to your user information, you can make amendments in “Registered User Information”.