There are four plans for the manufacturer's charge for Sanchoku-Studio:
Free / Light / Standard /Advanced.The Light plan costs 4,500 yen a month.
There is no system charge for buyers.

4,500yen per month (tax not included)
  • データベース Database Usage
  • 商品の代行登録 Proxy registration of the product (5 items)
  • ホームページパック Use Homepage Pack
  • 商品撮影 Product photography at the studio (an item)
  • オプション OPTIONS

    According to your requests, we can provide additional services such as the use of logistics centers, web page design, video shooting, catalog design and so on. (A separate quote is required.)

Scheduled to be released
in April 2020
Scheduled to be released
in April 2020
Application Flow
Please contact us via our website.
The coordinator of the Sanchoku-Studio
will propose the best plan for your company.
Payment Method
Membership month is free.
Payment will be made from the following month.
  • Annual payment system
  • Bank transfer

About User Submission
Contact us from here